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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Author Kaily Hart...

KH:  Thanks so much for having me here today!

YGR:  Where do you hail from? What do you love most about your hometown?

KH:  I always thought I had a boring, mundane, very uninteresting upbringing LOL. That was until I moved to the big city and then to another country! I grew up in a very small, rural town in country Australia. It might even be considered to be on the ‘edge of the outback’. When I look back on it, it was such a special and unique way to grow up. I guess what I liked about it the most was that it was just so…simple.

YGR:  What do you do for fun?

KH:  Growing up, I was a total tomboy through and through. I spent almost every waking minute I could outside. And barefoot! I remember only wearing shoes when I absolutely had to. Perhaps that’s why I have so many in my closet now J? We rarely watched TV (we only had 1 channel anyway) and my sister and I didn’t have a lot of ‘things’, so anything we did was driven by our imaginations.

YGR:  How has your environment/ upbringing colored your writing?

KH:  I think I have a healthy respect for anything I achieve or anything I acquire. I had a very simple (aka ‘poor’) background, so I can relate to people on many levels and can empathize with hardship. I’ve climbed my way up to be successful in the corporate world (in my first career J), so I also have that perspective to draw from. And I’ve traveled extensively and have had the opportnity to be exposed to different places and cultures. I think from my upbringing and the experiences I’ve had as a professional, I can draw from a vast range of material that can be used to drive and color my writing. I think my life to this point has seen a lot of extremes and I find that a great source of inspiration for my stories.

YGR:  Tell us about your latest book. Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?

KH:  PAY UP just released last week and I was so excited! It’s a friends to lovers story with a hot, ripped firefighter who’s wanted to get wild and wicked with his next door neighbor for some time. I’m currently finishing up my next book called PLAY ME. This is a book about chance and what can happen when you least expect it. Of course, it also has a hot alpha male who would do anything to protect the woman who crosses his path. I loved my hero in this book because he’s a little tortured and my heroine is just what he needs. I loved giving him a HEA.

YGR:  How did you come up with the title for your book(s)?

KH:  Titles are a funny thing. For me, I rarely plan them in advance, although I did just some up with the title of the next book I’ll be working on with just a vague idea of the beginning of the book figured out. I need to get into the main threads of the story before I can find a title that might work. I also tend to go for titles that don’t tell the entire story of the book. It’s usually somewhere in the middle of the book that it ‘hits me’.

YGR:  How much of your work is real? How much is fantasy?

KH:  Considering I write erotic romance, I’m not sure I should answer that completely LOL. I will say that I wouldn’t write about something I didn’t know was possible ;). My characters are purely fictional. They are never based on anyone I know or have seen before. I’ve generally gravitated towards settings that I know well. Considering I’ve lived in places such as LA, New York, San Diego, Houston, Miami, etc., I have a lot of great locations to draw from and I like to really visualize the environments of the books. Sometimes I’ll draw from personal experience for certain incidents that happen in the books. For example, in PICTURE THIS, Jillian has a ‘shaving accident’. That..ah, happened to me ::blushing::. In terms of the story lines that can come from anywhere and from anything, even something quite minor can trigger a story idea and then the imagination takes over…

Watch the trailer for Pay Up herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcpQaicZqnM

YGR:  Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing?

KH:  Just the writing part LOL! Writing is hard work. I’m not sure everyone realizes how difficult it can be to craft a story and have it turn out the way you intend. It’s just like any other job, you sit down and just have to do it, even when you might not feel like it. Luckily, I LOVE to write and immerse myself in my characters but there are still days when the words don’t come as easily as others. You just have to push through it.

YGR: Do you ever suffer from writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?

KH;  Not writer’s block, as such. Sometimes, I’m just not ‘feeling’ the book or the characters. I think of my books as having an emotional thread. It comes from the emotions of the charcters individually, but primarily from them together. If I don’t feel it when I sit down to write, it makes the writing slow and I usually have to revise it later. If that happens I’ll work on more of the ‘mechanics’ of the book or outlining a new idea, or doing promo or admin…I can usually find something else productive and writing related to do. Luckily, it doesn’t happen very often J.

YGR:  How did you deal with rejection letters?

KH:  Well, to date (fingers crossed) I’ve only ever had one rejection, and it was a personal one. If anything about a rejection can be considered ‘good’, receiving a letter personally addressed and targeted specifically to the submission is it. An editor passed on a book based on a query and synopsis I sent in. When I look back on that submission, I have to shudder. I so didn’t know how to write a synopsis at that point. It really didn’t represent the book well. I still have the book and hope to find a home for it someday.

YGR:  What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?

KH:  Well, they’re not really tools as such, but I think writers need to have a drive and determination to succeed in the face of rejection and a really tough market, a thick skin and a perservarance that can only come from within. Without these things it’s hard to get and stay published. You have to want it bad!

YGR:  Where do you as an author draw the line on gory descriptions and/or erotic content?

KH:  That’s a really great question. I think this is something very individual for an author and for a reader. Everyone has an ‘ick’ meter. I don’t have anything gory in my books, but my stories are erotic romances. I do detail the sex scenes, not for the sake of including erotic content, but because they are furthing the storyline and developing the characters. I believe that the intimate moments are when the characters (particularly an alpha male) are at their most vulnerable. This provides a great opportunity to grow the characters and elevate their relationship. Something must be revealed in these scenes, something must change as a result of the actions. If not, then the scene was probably not needed. I do use explicit language but only so far as it is consistent for the characters and the situation they’re in. I write contemporary romance currently, so it’s important that the language and terms are current and fitting. Personally, I focus more on the emotions and feelings of the characters during these scenes, not so much on ‘tab A goes in slot B’ type narrative. It can still be explicit but I think being too graphic takes the reader out of the story.

YGR:  Which is your favorite of the books you have written?

KH:  Picking a favorite would be like asking me to choose a favorite amongst my children! They’re all so different but you’re equally invested in them. My favorite is always the book I’m currently working on! So much so, that sometimes it’s hard to let it go and hit send to get it off to my editor J.

YGR: Where can we find you on the net?

KH:  If anyone would want to contact me (which I would love by the way), they can find me all over:
Web – www.kailyhart.com
Blog - http://kailyhart.blogspot.com/
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/kaily.hart
Twitter - http://twitter.com/kailyhart

YGR:  Where can we find out more about your books?

KH:  I keep my blog current and my website always has information on my released and upcoming books.

The questions were really interesting and thought provoking! Thanks again for having me!!


Kaily Hart said...

Thanks again for having me here today, YGR!

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Welcome, Kaily!