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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome Author Lily Harlem...

YGR:  Where do you hail from? What do you love most about your hometown?

LH:  I’m from Cardiff, Wales. I love my hometown, or rather home city, and wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else. It’s right on a beautiful coastline, very cosmopolitan, packed full of great restaurants and theatres plus the international rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium are a perfectly sweaty, not to mention dirty, day out!

YGR:  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? How has that childhood dream affected your current career?

LH:  I wanted to be an astronaut or a nurse or an interior designer in that order. Eventually I settled in nursing. I qualified and then studied creative writing part time at a local university. It was hard work writing around shifts, but I knew writing would suit me and my family much better in the long term. The advantage of nursing of course is that you meet so many different types of people from all walks of life and now I have a huge resource of characters to call on - so I guess the nursing experience is influencing what I write now.

YGR:  What do you do for fun?

LH:  I like to paint. Not a very extreme sport I know, but after the hustle and bustle of family life a few hours in the sunshine with my paints and a blank canvas and perhaps a nice little picnic is right up my street. Mmm, perfect, especially if you throw in a gin and tonic.

YGR:  How has your environment/ upbringing colored your writing?

LH:  Well, like I said, plenty of characters to draw on. But also I’ve seen that life doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to and sometimes, when it’s hard to find that silver lining, you just have to keep on looking, because it will be there.

Also being non-judgemental is very important to me. For example if couples want to have unusual relationships – like in my book Shared where three is definitely not a crowd – and it works for them who is to say they can’t all be in love. Likewise in my book Thief  both characters are completely corrupt, but their reasons for stealing and lying are justified, in their own minds at least, and so the reader is on their side. I believe strongly in live and let live, we are all different with unique needs and desires.As long as no-one is getting hurt then there are lots of ways to travel this glorious journey called life.

YGR:  Tell us about your latest book. Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?
LH:  My Christmas short story is called Candy Canes and Coal Dust. Here’s the blurb

A Finnish skiing holiday is the perfect winter wonderland for Bridget to escape her ex at Christmas time - beautifully decked trees, roaring log fires and plenty of mulled wine. What she doesn't count on, however, is a very erotic, very dirty dream on the plane from London to Levi - three perfect lovers all indulging her every whim and desire, how could she not moan and groan and beg for more? But every dream must end, and as Bridget wakes, with toe curling embarrassment, she realises every passenger on the plane has heard her frantic orgasm...including the gorgeous Irish guy sitting to her left!

Here’s an excerpt – watch out its steamy – over 18’s only please

The two men began to thrust in perfect sync. One in, one out, riding her senses into realms of ecstasy she never thought she’d go. The fire hissed. A log tumbled out. They didn’t notice; they kept on fucking, the men intent on pleasuring her before themselves.

But it still wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Bridget moved her head, her mouth open and searching. She knew it would be there somewhere—she just had to find it.

Ahh, there it was, another beautiful cock being offered forward on a hand wearing a thick, black ski glove. She glanced up. The owner of the penis wore a reflective, orange ski mask and his mouth was set in a hard line; determined, eager, impatient. But she needed no extra persuasion. This was the icing on the cake, the final piece of her jigsaw.

She leant forward and sucked him in greedily, eating him up like a starving woman. She rolled his glans around her tongue then thrust him against the back of her throat. He hissed like a punctured tyre and began to time his rhythm with the other two cocks invading her body.

Bridget whimpered in delight and gave control over to her three expert lovers. Now she could indulge in an orgasm. This was how it was supposed to be, every hole filled, every carnal desire indulged at the same time. Her womb and anus were being pounded into, sublime cocks sweeping past every nerve ending. Her mouth was absorbing the heat and lust of the sexy man looming over her. He clasped her head between his gloved hands. The roaring in her ears reached a crescendo as she climbed the ladder to satisfaction, letting her clit lead the way.

Suddenly she was there, suspended in a moment of sheer bliss, the glorious anticipation of magnificent contractions and spasms within reach. She sucked harder, groaned and moaned, pushed backwards into the cocks fucking and buggering her. Then it consumed her; washed through her, wave after wave of hammering delight.

“You want more?” the guy with the ski goggles asked in his husked, unfamiliar accent.

Bridget nodded around his cock—she wanted this to carry on forever. Please let this never stop.

“Would you like some mortar?” he said again.

Bridget nodded, letting her womb spasm around the cocks buried so deeply within her.

“Are you alright, would you like some water?” A female voice interrupted the guy with the ski goggles.
Bridget felt a soft hand rest on her forearm.

The roar in her ears was so loud it was disorientating and confusing. But it wasn’t being caused by a set of hands covering her ears any more. In fact, there was no set of hands covering her ears.
“Madam, is there anything I can get you?”

Buy link http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=639

I loved writing this seasonal story. Bridget is such a go getter, independent and feisty but ultimately a bona fide romantic. And who can resist a beautiful winter wonderland full of gorgeous, willing men who want to keep you warm and make dreams come true?

YGR:  How did you come up with the title for your book?

LH:  Candy Canes and Coal Dust - I liked the difference between sweet and pretty candy canes, which is what Bridget thought she wanted for Christmas, contrasting with dirty, filthy coal dust at the bottom of a sack, a present for a girl who has been so naughty, so bad, she doesn’t even deserve the lump of coal itself – just the dust - and as it turns out it’s what Bridget has been yearning after all along.

YGR:  Have you ever used contemporary events or stories “ripped from the headlines” in your work?

LH:  No, never. However I did win the 2009 Love Honey Award for Erotic Fiction with a story about the first female US president having a wild affair with the British PM – ‘Madam President’ - who unlike real life is totally yummy!It must have been about the same time Hilary Clinton was running as a candidate.

In my story the two lovers get really raunchy in the Oval Office and one of the stipulations for the competition was a Love Honey sex toy had to be featured. I used a remote control vibrator and it turns out to be a very inventive way of persuading the sleeping giant to sign global warming policy! You can read it for free by following this link. It really is a bit of naughty West Wing fun.

YGR:  Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing?

LH:  The way time warps when I’m engrossed in writing a new story. I think I’ve been tapping away for just a few hours and suddenly the whole day is gone. Sometimes I haven’t even gotten out of my nightwear and it’s getting dark! It’s weird the whole time warp thing, especially as I don’t notice if I’m hungry, although I do notice if I’m cold. I hate to be cold pretty much more than I hate any other physical discomfort! I have a fat ginger cat, Rupert, who sits on my lap and keeps me warm, I wouldn’t be without him for the world.

YGR:  Do you ever suffer from writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?

LH:  I sometimes worry when I’ve finished a book that I won’t get an idea for a new one. But it always comes, inspiration strikes me from somewhere. I don’t worry about it now, I just go with the flow and wait for the light-bulb moment – although often my idea is a bit vague when I start writing and then it becomes meatier as my characters and plot lines develop.

YGR:  Who is your favorite author and why? What books have most influenced your life?

LH:  My favourite author of erotic fiction/romance is Kristina Lloyd, she wrote ‘Asking for Trouble’ and ‘Split’ to name a few. Her stuff is real powerful, controversial and she’s incredibly eloquent. Outside of the genre I adore thebest seller lists, A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner, both by KhaledHosseini, are by my bed at the moment.

YGR:  How did you deal with rejection letters?

LH:  Did? I still get them sometimes. I sigh, tear them up, sigh, have a mope and then send the manuscript off again to a different publisher and keep my fingers crossed that the news is better next time around.

YGR:  Where do you as an author draw the line on gory descriptions and/or erotic content?

LH:  I met with a very successful female author a few years ago who’s written across many different genres and she advised me to keep it real. If flesh wobbles and if sex noises are squelchy then add it in. It keeps the story alive and realistic, we’re not writing about Barbie and Ken doing it after all, so it’s got to reflect real people.Often I give my characters a physical imperfection or flaw, nothing major, maybe she’s not happy with her breast size or he’sgot a scar he’s conscious of.

In terms of erotic content, obviously I wouldn’t touch on the taboos, but ménage and anal play often feature in my stories as does bondage and spanking. Hey, why not have fun with words and a naughty imagination!
Which is your favorite of the books you have written?

I am really excited about my new Ellora’s Cave release on the 17th of December called Hired it’s the first in my Hot Ice series about the bad boys of ice hockey. It was a blast to write – here the blurb

One hundred grand to babysit bad boy Logan “Phoenix” Taylor on a paradise island—seriously, how bad could he be?

Frankly, it didn’t matter. Not when it would make my dreams of going to nursing school possible. I wasn’t even expected to talk to him, just hang out in a luxurious villa on a private beach and study. Simple, right?

But I hadn’t counted on Logan being so deliciously bad that he was oh so good. And when the temperature cranked to boiling point, he knew just how to satisfy the deepest, darkest part of my soul and give my body exactly what it needed. Amongst the sand and waves, we transported each other to an exquisite world of pleasure where only we existed, only we mattered.

But the heady mix of emotions and lust couldn’t keep things from spiraling out of control back in reality, where I had to keep the truth that I’d been hired to entertain him a secret at all costs…even if it shattered my delicate heart. Even if it cost me my destiny.

You can read an excerpt by following this link.http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-8939-50-hired.aspx
Other than that I adore Shared. It was my debut with Ellora’s Cave and features the luckiest woman on earth. It got a pile of 5* reviews and I received loads of emails from readers telling me how much they enjoyed it. It was a great feeling and the three characters that make up the ménage, Liam, Quinn and Ariane are like best friends to me.

YGR:  Where can we find you on the net?

LH:  Stop by my website www.lilyharlem.weebly.com there’s loads of information on all my stories, links, free reads etc. plus yummy inspirational photos and information on other awesome authors.

YGR:  Where can we find out more about your books?

LH:  Again my website or you can visit
Ellora’s Cave http://www.jasminejade.com/m-640-lily-harlem.aspx
Total-E-Bound http://www.total-e-bound.com/authordetail.asp?A_ID=128
Xcite http://www.xcitebooks.com/category-208/XB2032.html
Well, on that note, thanks for having me, it’s been enormous fun hanging out. Happy Holidays to everyone.

YGR: Thanks for being here today, Lily.
Lily x


Lily Harlem said...

Thanks so much for inviting me over to YGR, it's great to be here. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions I'll be hanging around most of the day - although probably in a different time zone to many of you :-)

Hales said...

Good Morning!

What a great in depth interview. Your hometown setting sounds so beautiful. I once met a guy from Wales here at a night club visiting with some soccer players. He was so sweet, sexy too :) I love the excerpts and man those hockey players sound like a great premise

Anonymous said...

Welcome to YGRR, Lily!

flchen1 said...

Great interview, Lily! Thanks for sharing it! And I'm really looking forward to your hockey series, too! It sounds delicious! ;)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the Interview, Lily! And love that cover!!
Yummy, cant wait and will add this to my TBB list!

hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com