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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome Authors Allie Standifer & Desiree Holt - How we learned to “Turn Up the Heat”

Writing fiction is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s a solitary activity, just you, your computer, and whatever beverage keeps you going until you make your word count. But sometimes you reach a point where you need an extra tweak to your brain. If you’re lucky, you’ll connect with another writer whose brain and ideas mesh with yours. That’s what happened with us and how the series “Turn Up the Heat” was born.

So there we were, two erotic romance authors, sitting in a huge great room in the middle of South Texas, brainstorming ideas for each other. And suddenly it came to us – “Let’s do a series together!!!!!”

Okay, much dancing around the room and sipping of wine, but then we had to get serious. What shall we write about? Well, we’re erotic romance writers so – duh – sex, of course. But ya gotta have a story with it and we’re both addicted to Happy Ever After, so now we had two things – sex and HEA.

More wine. More babbling. Let’s make them short reads, we said. Fun reads. And we began throwing plot ideas around. Let’s have some brothers. Oh, and add in cousins and sisters. And tell the story about how each of them finds true love (and very hot sex). We finally got the basic outlines down and the series title, and decided all the stories would begin with S and relate to that title: Singed, Scorched, Steamed - well you get the idea.

And so we began out journey, sitting in the same room with dueling computers. Sending chapters back and forth. Fixing each other’s goofs and tuning up each other’s chapters. I caution you here if you decide to do this – TRUST YOUR PARTNER COMPLETELY. We’re lucky. We have an excellent friendship and enough confidence in our writing to be able to critique each other. For some people it works. For others, not so much.

But four stories into the series – with at least two more to come – we’re still having fun with it. We’re lovin’ our sexy alpha males and our hot heroines. And by agreement, none of them are perfect. Because after all, who is? We want our readers to relate to the people in our stories and believe the same things could happen to them.

We actually live in different cities so sometimes we get together and knock out a story in one place. Other times we email back and forth. Whatever we’ve got, whatever chemistry we have together as writers, it obviously works. Because months later we’re still in sync and still having fun doing it, even while working on our own projects.

So look for more stories in “Turn Up the Heat” while we have fun dreaming up kinky sex and hot romance. We hope you’ll follow us.

Turn Up the Heat stories are available at Ellora’s Cave www.jasminejade.com
And you can find us at all these places:
               www.tweitter.com/desireeholt (@desireeholt)

Allie:      www.Allie-Standifer.com

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