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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Author Marianne Evans

AUTHOR BIO: Marianne Evans is a multi-published author of contemporary romance novels. Her professional career began when Kensington Publishing purchased her book, Friends & Lovers. Her second offering, Right Hand Man, followed shortly thereafter. Her third release from Kensington, Hannah’s Heart, won critical acclaim from reviewers and in the local media.
Her fourth book is her inspirational romance debut at White Rose Publishing – an award-winning novel entitled Hearts Crossing. Hearts Crossing led to the creation of a four-book Christian romance series: The Woodland Series. Book 2, Hearts Surrender, released in late 2010 with Books 3 and 4 – Hearts Communion and Hearts Key, slated for late 2011 and early 2012 release. A Woodland Series Bonus Story, A Face in the Clouds, is an Easter released short story, also from White Rose Publishing.
Recent awards include:
Hearts Crossing – Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist, CAPA Finalist, 5-Star Reviews, The Romance Studio & Coffee Time Romance
Hearts Surrender – Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year Finalist, 4-Star Review, Romantic Times, 5-Star Review & Book of the Week, The Romance Studio
A lifelong resident of Michigan, Marianne is an active member of Romance Writers of America. She’s a long-time member of Greater Detroit RWA where she served the chapter in a number of capacities, but most notably for two terms as Chapter Treasurer and two terms as Chapter President. She also belongs to the Faith Hope and Love chapter of RWA, American Christian Fiction Writers and the Michigan Literary Network.


Reporter Paul Hutchins is all about finding facts and uncovering the truth. Verification, authenticity and quantification are the fuel of his spirit…Until he falls in love with producer Sandy Pierson.

Sandy sees Christ alive in every aspect of her life. No need for quantified facts. Faith is the fuel of her spirit . But her love for Paul puts her at odds with God's call toward faith and all of its mysteries.

Paul considers Christianity to be well-meaning myth—hyperbole. To Sandy, it’s everything—and she can accept nothing less from the man she loves.
Can a miracle happen? Can the touch of God Himself keep their relationship from shattering?


“I know how deeply you feel things, Paul. You have a wonderful heart. That’s part of why I love you so much. I’m torn in two about my feelings for you.” Sandy’s declaration would have filled him were it not chipped and cracked by the impact of her doubts.

“Your reporter’s instinct toward authenticity and revealing the truth is a big part of what I admire about you. There’s nothing wrong with facing the world honestly, but you need to make room for a few other truths.”

“Like God.”

“Yes, and the fact that life holds as much mystery, and as many intangibles, as it does realistic things you can hold tight with both hands.”

She wanted him to change. Right down to the soul. Paul continued to study her. She was hurt enough that she had almost stepped away from attending tonight’s event—out of a frustrated sense of love.  Yet here they were—together—out of a frustrated sense of love.

And if he wasn’t mindful of her beliefs, she’d step away from him.

Paul navigated the rapidly-filling parking lot of Woodland Church. Once they stopped, he killed the car engine and used a restraining hand to keep Sandy in place. He closed the space between them and gave her a kiss that lingered and thoroughly tasted. He felt the gesture ease a bit of the tightness in her shoulders and back. “I’ll keep an open mind, OK?”

She touched his face, and there was yearning in her eyes. “Keep an open heart. That’s much more important.”

Where do you hail from?

Suburban Detroit – Michigan born and bred. What I love most about my hometown, and my state is that you can go from big-city amenities to the primitive beauty of northern Michigan with its acres and acres of pine trees and hundreds of miles of Great Lakes shoreline. Love it!

What do you do for fun?

I love to grab a few friends and tool around the numerous antique shops that surround my hometown. I’m a collector of antique salt cellars (small, bowl-shaped containers that held salt cubes in the era before pourable salt). My prized finds are a multi-colored cloisonn√© and sterling silver bowl, hallmarked 1883, from Russia, and a hand-blown art glass bowl from Tiffany & Company.

Tell us about your latest book:

A Face in the Clouds is an Easter-themed short story from White Rose Publishing. It looks at one man’s exploration of quantifiable truth and fact versus the woman he loves, who is a Christ-centered, and deeply atuned to her faith.

While this release is very much a love story of its own, with no need to have read the other books of the Woodland Series, I hope it will tickle interest, and inspire readers to check out the rest of the happenings at Woodland Church. Hearts Crossing is Book 1, and draws heavily on the themes of the prodigal son returning to faith, and love. Hearts Surrender is Book 2, and tells the love story of a beautiful ‘has-it-all’ woman who’s looking for meaning, and falls in love with Woodland’s Pastor.

Hearts Communion and Hearts Key round out the series (though I won’t rule out more visits to the folks at Woodland down the road!). Hearts Communion releases later this year while Hearts Key will be out in early 2012. A Face in the Clouds adds to the tapestry of the series as a Woodland Bonus Story, and I’m very honored to have the chance to share an inspirational romance at Easter!

Do you have anything new in the works? Can you tell us a bit about it?

I’d love to - thanks for asking!  Devotion is my work in progress, and it chronicles a Christian marriage, and how it rebuilds, and sustains, after a shattering blow. I’m so excited to share this story with my readers! I believe wholeheartedly in its message of the beauty to be found in long-term, committed love, and forgiving redemption.

How has your environment/upbringing colored your writing?

I draw extensively on my Michigan roots when I write—can’t seem to help it! My Woodland series is set in Saint Clair Shores. Devotion draws on a recent passion I’ve discovered for Nashville, Tennessee—which is such a gorgeous location—full of mountains and waterfalls, Southern gentility and warm charm….

What kind of research do you do for your books?

I love traveling to the locations I describe in my books. For Hearts Key, and Devotion, my DH and I traveled to Nashville and stayed at a beautiful B&B in Franklin that I could have sworn was an exact replica of the one I describe as my hero’s home in Hearts Key.  Setting is of vital importance to me. Putting my readers right in the midst of the times and places of my characters is something I feel very strongly about. I love research! It sends me deep into the world of my characters and, hopefully, makes them live and breathe for my readers.

Where can we find out more about you and your books?

I love connecting to readers! You can find me at:  www.marianneevans.com and I have a blog located at: www.marianneevans.blogspot.com.  I also have a Facebook Readers Page at: 
Finally, you can follow my Tweets at @marmo212!

Thanks so much YGR! I love you guys, and am thrilled to have been able to spend some time getting better acquainted! 


wlynnchantale said...

Congratulations Marianne. I don't typically read Christian romance, but you've piqued my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Marianne.

Marianne Evans said...

Hi, Wlynnchantale! Glad it piqued your interest!! I'd be honored to have you give my short story, A Face in the Clouds, a try - especially since it's a free download through Easter Sunday. No risk there! LOL!! Thanks so much for your visit!!

Marianne Evans said...
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Marianne Evans said...

Brynna, it's an honor to be here with the YGR gang! Thanks so much for hosting me!

Donna B said...

Lovely post Marianne. I am so looking forward to reading this!

Marianne Evans said...

Thanks, Donna!! You're such a gem! :-) God bless!