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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome the authors of Breathless Press - Liz Crowe

Why Romance?

Liz Crowe

OK, True Confessions time.  Ready?
Not that long ago, I was NOT a reader of romance.  Nope, I would not touch that stuff with YOUR ten foot pole. 

When asked what was on my bedside table, you’d hear things like “The Help”, or “Freedom” or “The Hunger Games.”   Then, on a whim, my DH ordered a series of books for me, thinking I needed to “loosen up” (I did).  All it took was one from the Monere Mona Lisa series by Sunny and BAM I was hooked!

Now, I am still not a huge fan of paranormal.  Yes, I will confess I read the entire Charlaine Harris backlist in one wet summer Michigan weekend last year.  But beyond that, I’m not a fan…Oh well, there was that Jeaniene Frost episode (don’t even try and tell me that vamp is not hotter than them all)…yeah, and um, Carrie Vaughn (although if one more heroine is named “Cat” or “Kitty” I will stab people with dull pencils).

Well, I guess I do like my sexy books laced with otherwordly creatures.  BUT I will draw the line at zombies (although P&P&Zombies was brilliant!), gargoyles, and other scary shifter types. 

I quickly graduated from the crazy sexy supernatural worlds to more traditional contemporary erotic romance, among them works from Lauren Dane, Cat Grant and Shayla Black.  So, one hot summer night just last year I decided to try my own hand at it.  Using my experience as a craft microbrewery owner, I drew from my various situations as a woman in a man’s world and crafted the Brewing Passion Series. 

My first publisher, Breathless Press took a chance on me and it’s been a wild ride ever since!  Breathless turns two years old this month, and I for one am thrilled to be a part of the gang!  Thanks Justyn, Clarissa, Dara, Marissa, Victoria and all the amazing authors I’ve met—you’ve given me the drive, the skills, the editing chops and the passion….but most of all?  The chance I needed.

The Tap Room, The Brewing Passion Novel releases Sept. 30 from Breathless Press.
Erin Brady's life is turned inside out.  

Her Alpha banker husband, Bradley, has left, claiming she pays more attention to her microbrewery than to him and their two sons.

  One business partner, Trent, (The Rookie)  is attempting to re-kindle an old flame between them.  

Their amazing success has demanded they hire a new brewer, Jeff, (Jockey Box) who takes one look at his new boss and is determined to be something more than an employee.  

The daily stresses of running a small business, plus the ongoing turmoil in her personal life are more than she can take.  Escaping to Denver for an industry event, she meets Landon, a brewery rock star turned consultant who has been watching her company--and her-- for a while.  

When family trauma requires an early return to Michigan, Erin is faced with even harder realities plus a thoroughly contrite Bradley, wishing for a reunion.  Then, the ultimate sign of success:  a buy out offer is tendered from a much larger brewery, just as the owners of Winter Street Brewing are about to be honored by Inc. Magazine as Top Entrepreneurs.  

Finally, Erin turns to her other partner, Owen, who has watched the woman he loves suffer long enough and is determined to step in and be the one.

Guess what?  YOU get to decide.....September 30,

For more in depth descriptions of Erin’s options check out:

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Liz said...

thanks for the opportunity Beck!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Great post, Liz! It's fun when we get our inspiration from what we know. Tap Room, The Brewing Passion Series sounds wonderful.

Liz said...

thanks Kathleen!