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Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Author Suzanne Rock


A Little Inspiration, Please…

For a writer, each book is different. Some books write smooth and fast. The writer stays up late as words flow into paragraphs, then chapters, flowing like water from a faucet until the two best words a writer can type fall out onto the page -- “the end.” It all comes in a beautiful breathless rush, leaving the writer feeling tired, but satisfied.

But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, it rarely happens. Most books start out as a great idea, or a scene, but as the writer moves through the story, things don’t quite mesh. Burnout, fatigue and life get in the way of progress, causing the words to go trickle and then stop all together. It’s up to the writer to push through the rough patches, to motivate him or herself to write just one more sentence, then one more paragraph, all the while the end of the story seems to get further and further away.

The second scenario happens to me quite a bit. I’ll start out strong, but then somewhere along the way I become distracted. It may be that I get edits on another book, I have a new release to promote, or something from my life distracts me from writing. When I finally get a chance to sit down with the story again, I often find that I’ve lost the motivation to finish. Has this ever happened to anyone?

This happens so frequently to me, that I’ve come up with an arsenal of items that I pull out whenever I feel distant from the story I’m working on. These things are different and specific for each book. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the things I used to inspire my newest release, Honor Bound. So here they are, in no particular order:

1)      Picture of the hero, Akito:

2)      Picture of the heroine, Jin:

3)      Incense: This was quite popular in ancient Japan. First used in Buddhist rituals, it later became used by the samurai to obtain greater mental clarity. I thought it could help me maintain better clarity as well. ;)

4)      Hidaka Mountains: This famous mountain range is in southeastern Hokkaido, Japan, and is where this story takes place.

5)      I call this, “All wrapped up.” Since my story is a bondage story, I thought it was appropriate. ;) :

Interesting, eh? I try to come up with a few things for each story that can get me through the rough patches and help me make my way through to the that blissful moment – when the writer finally types “The End.”

So, for all of you writers out there, do you use anything to help inspire you to write your story? And for the readers, what book are you reading now? If you were the author, tell me what actors/models you think would be good at portraying the hero or heroine.

And while you think of an answer, feel free to check out my newest release, Honor Bound:

Pairing: m/f
Length: Novella
Price: $3.49


Deep in the Hidaka Mountains, Akito is commissioned to capture the goddess of desire. He expects to use all of his samurai skills to complete the task. What he doesn't expect is the resurrection of his deceased lover, or the number of immortals who wish them both dead.

Condemned to an eternity of loneliness, Jin curses the day the mother goddess tricked her into becoming immortal. When a seasoned samurai enters her prison, she’s determined to build the man’s desire so she can harness enough strength to break the bonds that tie her to the mountain. As the intruder makes himself known, memories long buried rise to the surface and Jin becomes desperate for Akito to believe the truth – that she is his beloved. Can she earn his trust in time, or will they both succumb to the forces that strive to keep them apart?

Reader Alert!:  This story contains a dominating samurai, a sexually frustrated goddess, and enough rope to bind them both together for eternity.

“Jin. Your name is Jin.”
Jin froze. The stranger didn’t call her Vistaka, but used her human name. How did he find out something so intimate? She blinked and continued drying her hair. His use of her real name should have made her angry, but it somehow sounded right coming from his lips.
“That name lost its meaning a long time ago.” Jin caught his shadow along the rock wall in the periphery of her vision. This man knew much about her, and that was unnerving. Who was this shadowed warrior? She watched the far wall of the cavern and saw his shadow move closer. His earthy scent became stronger, reminding her that his sign, like his scent, was of the earth and incompatible with her water nature. He was hard and unyielding. She was soft and malleable. Was that how he was able to resist her charms?
The shadow raised his arms, and Jin saw the outline of the katana and wakizashi along the rock wall in front of her, the two samurai swords crossed behind her back. Slowly they inched forward until the “v”-opening surrounded her neck. All it would take would be one small jerk of his arms, and her head would become separated from her body. It wouldn’t kill her, she could turn into her spirit form before the fatal blow, but it would be incredibly annoying.
The hairs on Jin’s neck stood at attention as the swords inched closer. What to do? Jin’s mind raced with possibilities. Panic threaded through her body and she did what she always did the only thing she could think of that could calm her nerves.
She closed her eyes and began to hum. It was an old childhood tune, and one she often drew upon when she needed to focus her magic.
The stranger hesitated. “That voice.”
“You like it?” She opened her eyes and watched the wall in front of her. The shadow flexed its fingers around the swords at her neck.
“I knew someone who used to sing that song once.”
“It’s a popular song.” She tilted her head back, then winced as she felt the edge of the blade move against her hair. “You know my name, young samurai, but I don’t know yours.”
The swords wavered, as if the stranger suddenly felt the heavy weight of the blade and adjusted the hilt in his hands. Jin felt his anger weaken and his desire build once more.
“Am I not to know the name of my killer?” she asked.
“My name, like yours, lost its meaning a long time ago.”
She closed her eyes and searched for the answer among the scattered thoughts of his mind. He must have become wise to her powers, for everything was closed to her except for the deep longing he felt in his bones.
She opened her eyes. “It is as you say.”
“Come with me.” He lowered his swords and replaced them within his obi.
Jin glanced over her shoulder at his outstretched hand. “You know I can’t do that.” She waved her fingers in the air. “This is my prison.” Bitterness gnawed in her gut as the words passed over her lips. She cast it aside.
“If you don’t come, I’ll be forced to kill you.”
Fool. Did he really think he could kill a goddess? “You can’t harm me with your man-made trinkets.”
“No, but I can with this.”
Suzanne Rock
Backlist: http://suzannerock.com/?page_id=126
Workshops: http://suzannerock.com/?page_id=64

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