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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome Author Toni Noel

Decisive Moments, Inspired By A boarded Up House

One morning my DH and I were driving through Missions Hills, on our way to El Indio for lunch. You have to be familiar with the area called Mission Hills to appreciate my surprise to see a three-story brick mansion set way back from the street and every window covered with boards.
Why? I wondered.  A double murder occurred here about twenty years ago, but this neighborhood hadn't made any headlines since. No house fires that I knew of, so why were the windows boarded up?
My mind refused to let the question drop, and for weeks afterwards I'd find myself pondering the mystery until a photographer showed up in my head, her camera lens focused on the house.
H-mmm. What would the homeowner think? Was he even in town? Would he mind if Amy photographed his house?
Oh, Charles minded all right. He told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from his childhood home, the house he'd refused to enter since a traumatic day when he was four.
Does headstrong Amy listen? Not for long. Something she doesn't understand keeps drawing her back to the architect's gloomy-looking house. She even lets her daughter Marta roller skate along his street while Amy strolls about the neighborhood, a camera slung about her neck, pondering the best way to tear down the high walls Charles has built around his heart and warn his smile.
Writing a dark romance is not as easy as it sounds. Who wants to read about someone else's depressing problems and heartaches? Careful selection of the characters and plotting a story that needs to be told are a must. Making the darkest character likeable despite his gloomy outlook would help, but would that be enough? I wondered.
It might be, with the help of a five-year-old is searching for a father. Marta narrows her search on Charles and her sweet innocence melts his heart. Was he ever as innocent as Amy's little girl? If so, not for long. His mother's sudden abandonment when he was young had put an end to that, but Marta is persistent. Amy, too, and soon Charles must confront Decisive Moments he has refused to face for years.
Here's a blurb:
 To satisfy the requirements for her Master's Degree in fine art photography, Amy Millington needs to photograph Charles Harding’s childhood home, but his boarded-up-house holds painful memories for Charles. Without those photographs Amy cannot secure her young daughter Marta's future. Charles denies the gutsy widow's request. Her efforts to show him how to have fun lead him to allow her to photograph his home. Then Marta gets lost and Charles must help search his house for her. He finds Marta and his mother's long-lost suicide note. Knowing the reason his mother shot his father, then turned the gun on herself, frees Charles from his past, but can he free Amy from her painful past and teach her to love again?
This dark, sensual romance was released right in time for your Halloween reading pleasure. Here's a buy link for Decisive Moments so you can find out for yourself if there really is a ghost living in Charles' boarded up house.     
Toni's books are also available for download from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Apple's Bookstore and All Romance eBooks.   
Visit Toni's website: http://www.ToniNoelAuthor.com

Bio for website

About the author:

While growing up in the South and completing seventh grade Toni Noel, writing under another name, laboriously typed each copy of the newspaper she published and circulated at church.

When she was fourteen Toni began an autobiography, but after only three chapters realized she had not lived long enough to give her life story an arc. She ended that effort in the fourth chapter by giving her heroine an incurable disease.

She edited her high school and one of her editorials earned her membership in Quill and Scroll. She also wrote a weekly fishing column, perhaps her first published work of fiction, for at that time she had never held a fishing pole.

For two of those high school years a weekly column about the happenings of her school friends earned Toni a byline in a Scripps-Howard daily newspaper and a neighborhood weekly, the first income earned from her writing, money her father faithfully set aside for her to attend college.

Toni thrived on spending time in the library, loved to do research and write term papers. She would finish her theme well ahead of the due date so she could type the papers of classmates, a lucrative way to add to her college fund.

She met her husband of fifty-eight years her first week on campus and at the end of her freshman year gave up her dream of teaching to marry the first-year teacher who had captured her heart. He retires this year, ending a fifty-nine year teaching career.

The couple later moved to San Diego, where Toni became a Girl Scouts leader and troop organized while actively working to secure a library for her neighborhood and earning an Honorary Membership in the PTA.

When her last child left for college, Toni resumed her college education, earning a business degree with special emphasis in System Analysis from SDSU. Hired by a government contractor specializing in research and development of underwater vehicles, she supervised the accounting department software and payroll until the company closed and she retired to write romance.

Toni continues to hone her writing skills by attending Romance Writers of America national conferences and local RWA-SD meetings. She loves to take on-line classes and reads every book she can get her hands on, regardless of genre, now enjoying them on her NOOK. Currently Toni devotes her time to writing stories like the novels she loves best, books about searches for safe havens for the heart.

With the release of Lawbreakers and Love Makers by Toni Noel from Desert Breeze Publishing on October 1 you will have the opportunity to download her first published novel and lose yourself in a safe haven for the heart story, too

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