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Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog Tour - Gem Sivad

Hi, I’m Gem Sivad and I’m so happy to be here today at You Gotta Read so I can talk about my newest book, Perfect Strangers, releasing from Ellora’s Cave on November 23rd, just in time for the United States Thanksgiving holiday.

Perfect Strangers, is a story loosely tied to my Eclipse Heat series by the setting—a mythical town in the 1880’s Old West—Eclipse, Texas.  The book is about trust, friendship, love and marriage. Hmmm, sounds like a romance. J Only in this story, the marriage has gone sour and man and wife aren’t friends and don’t trust each other at all.  I’m sharing a few snippets from the book today:

Scene Set Up: After eight years of a marriage marked by tempestuous quarrels and passionate loving, Lucy Quince disappears from the Double-Q Ranch. Her husband Ambrose believes she’s run off with another man but tells their children she’s dead. He tries to forget her but can’t.
 “Lucy´s not dead,” Ambrose told his brother with conviction. At first he’d expected her to ride in, announcing she´d been hiding to teach him a lesson. Finally he accepted what he´d always dreaded—she´d run off from the rough life he´d given her. 
Every day she stayed away, her absence froze another part of his heart. Ambrose tried to make up for her loss to their children, swallowing her bitter betrayal and pretending to them he believed her dead.
But at night he lay alone in their marriage bed, dreading the day when her scent would be gone from her pillow, remembering the last time he´d held her in his arms, and counting ahead–numbering the years ´til the kids would be grown and he could quit living.
Three years later, Lucy returns in time to save her husband from hanging—literally rescuing him at the last moment. But, she comes back as a stranger with no memory of him or her children.
Folks were lining the street—wagons and buckboards served as the gallery. Lucy and her escort were behind the tightly packed crowd, too far from the gallows to reach it in time. From horseback, she had a clear view of the accused standing with the rope around his neck, feet planted defiantly, ready to swing.
Unsheathing the new Winchester, she hitched it to her shoulder, taking a bead on the man. Steadying the rifle, Lucy sighted down the barrel and pulled the trigger. Her bullet found the rope, cutting him loose at the same moment the hangman dropped the hatch and Ambrose Quince plummeted through the trapdoor, landing in a heap on the ground.
“Well I´ll be damned,” her brother-in-law  said, kneeing his horse into motion as Lucy chambered another round, following him through the gauntlet of staring faces and the fifty guns aimed her way.
I love writing historical fiction because it gives me an excuse to indulge my passion for American history. In terms of erotic content or violence, I rely upon my crit partners and my editor to tell me when I’ve tipped over the edge into insanity. J
My books are known for their gritty content and for that I make no apologies. The period of history I write about was savage and unforgiving and [imo] the weak and faint-of-heart didn’t survive in the Old West. As for the erotic content—I enjoy detailing sexual encounters. I think they capture the essence of my characters. Here’s one final snippet from Perfect Strangers.
Ambrose cupped Lucy’s breasts as she knelt above him, brushing her pussy over his thick length, teasing his knob with her wet heat and squeezing him with promise.
“Goddamn that’s good,” he groaned, making her laugh softly at him the way she had in the past.
Flexing her hips, she took his cock-head deeper. When the old bed swayed, the sound of its creaking loud in the room, Lucy froze.
“Hell no,” he growled, lifting her with him off the mattress. Ambrose grabbed the sheet throwing it to the floor, sinking down on it and lying flat with Lucy straddling him, full of his cock.
“Sweetheart,” he ordered her, “ride me, quiet, but ride me hard.”
Here’s a link for my book video. I hope you enjoy.
Thanks so much for having me on your blog today and giving me a chance to talk about Perfect Strangers—available November 23rd at Ellora’s Cave Publishing.
You can find me @ Gem’s Place / Web / FB / Twitter
Link for book video if it doesn’t come through in text: http://www.youtube.com/user/GemSivad#p/u/0/0sNIC3mLvwY

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