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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome Author Lee Brazil

Finding Inspiration
Hi, thanks for having me back here!  I'm Lee Brazil, and I write m/m romance.  I always feel like I'm entering a twelve step program when I make that statement.  *chuckles* I’m poking my head out of the editing cave here because I've just had a new release, Loving Jacob.  It's easy to be a writer when you're sitting back behind the computer and you've got the music cranked up and the words are flowing.  It's harder to do when its time to get out and tell people about what you've done while you were drinking coffee and hiding out. I don't do formal essays well, which is ironic since I just spent fourteen years teaching kids how to do that, but I ramble  fairly eloquently and I'll eventually get back around to Loving Jacob.
There are some things that everyone knows about me, if they've run across me at all, on my blog, on Face Book.  One, I'm a big music lover, all kinds, all eras.  Music is beautiful to me. My musical moods change more often than the weather. That finds its way into my stories in one way or another.
I'm a huge coffee addict.  Huge.  I drink coffee from the early hours of the morning till just about time to prepare dinner.  I like as many different coffees as I do musical styles. I'll put cream or sugar in it, or drink it black, spice it up with cinnamon or allspice, chill it or even bake with it. 
And I am a worshipper of the sun. Oh, I'm not one of those people you see out there in the skimpiest covering soaking up the rays and bronzing my skin.  Nope.  For one thing, I don't tan.  I burn. Painfully.  I'll settle for pale.  It’s a good look with black hair and blue eyes.
Back to the sun.  I rise early every morning so I can have that first pot of coffee ready before the sun rises.  I want to spend the first moments of every day contemplating the sun as it rises over the tree line, shedding light on the mysterious depths of the woods.  I sit out on the deck with my Great Dane and my coffee, and we watch as the whole world is gilded bit by bit with orange fire.

“Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it”  Ninon de Lenclos (17th century French Courtesan)

That's pretty much how it is for me.  When the sun comes up I can feel myself being refreshed.  The troubles of the world seem so far away, and everything seems possible.  The day might bring any number of joys, but to begin with the glorious colors of the sun each day is to begin with an act of creation, an inspiration.
I find it induces at once both tranquility and action.  My soul is soothed and stirred.  When the Sunrise ends, I’m at my computer, typing away, striving to recreate that purity of thought and emotion on paper. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes things aren't as easy as the simple rising of the sun.
Sometimes life is messy, and we screw things up. We say the wrong things, assume when we should ask, and run when we should stand our ground.
And that brings me back to Loving Jacob. I wrote this in the early hours of the morning, and the words flowed onto the page with all the purity of thought that rising sun inspired, and I hope that you love it as much as I do. This story is special to me, because it is the second story I ever wrote, and because it expresses the way I feel about love. Love is as pure as that rising sun, as beautiful, as universal.

And here's the Blurb and link to Loving Jacob:

When Malcolm Jenner’s sex-on-the-side turns into more, he isn’t above begging for a second chance.

High profile attorney Malcolm Jenner is looking for a bit of fun, nothing serious. He's got duties and responsibilities, after all. He doesn't usually choose his lovers from the office, but his attraction to Jacob Renault is too compelling to resist.

However, Jacob isn't interested in temporary. He wants it all—Prince Charming, the castle, the happily ever after. There's no rule that says the younger man can't have fun while he's searching for his prince, though…

At first neither is willing to compromise on their stance, but an agreement is reached, with each man planning to do his best to subvert the other to his viewpoint. Lust turns to love, and what’s impossible becomes merely improbable, but is it going to be enough?

You can find out more about how I do what I do and the results of my efforts by visiting me at any of my homes on the web, at my blog, Lee's Musings or on Facebook.  Feel free to drop me a line at lee.brazil@ymail.com or look me on Google plus. 


Lee Brazil said...

Thank you for having me here!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read it Lee. It sounds amazing.

Erika Badass

Bonni S. said...

It must be nice to sit with your great dane and enjoy the sun coming up. I myself try to miss it because I have a 5 yr old who will get me up earlier than I want. The book looks great and I'm sure will be a fabulous read.