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Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome Author Suzanne Rock

Ghosts in Victorian England

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for having me here today. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about my new release from Loose Id, Whispers.

This story is a ghost story set in Victorian England. Considering that, I thought it would be a good idea to see what ghost stories Victorian England had to offer. I did a little online research, and here’s what I found…

1)      The “classic” ghost story, as we know it today, originated during the Victorian period. I guess those aristocrats needed stories to tell while sipping tea in the parlor, eh? ;)

2)      They were influenced by Gothic Fiction, and contained both folklore and psychology

3)      Famous literary ghosts from this period are the ghosts from the Charles Dickens ( A Christmas Carol), Oscar Wilde (The Canterville Ghost), Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre) and Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights). Those are some heavy hitters, eh? I wonder what they all would have thought of the Twilight phenomenon?

4)      During this time, a religion called spiritualism took root, where its followers believed in a single God, but also believed that the dead residing in the “spirit world” could be contacted through mediums. Anyone see the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? Remember that scene? You know the one I’m talking about, the one with the potter’s wheel? Yeah, well that’s spiritualism at it’s best, my friends. That’s also what inspired my story. ;)

5)      50 Berkley Square is arguably the most haunted places in London. The attic is rumored to be haunted by a young woman who committed suicide there. During the Victorian era, it was reported that at least two people had died after spending a night in the room. Kind of creepy, eh? ;)

All of this talk about ghosts makes me curious. Have any of YOU seen a ghost? Do you believe they exist? Have you ever visited a haunted house? Do you like to go through “staged” haunted houses at Halloween? Tell me about it in the comments section. J while you ponder your answer, feel free to read a little more about my ghost story, Whispers.


Suzanne Rock said...

Thanks so much for having me here today. :)

kathy miller said...

No, I've never seen a ghost. But I want to believe in their existence. I've visited serveral supposed haunted building, but as I've stated, I've never personally encountered anything that could be ghostly.

Suzanne Rock said...

Hi Kathy! *waves* Interesting. You know, same here. I've visited places that are supposedly haunted, but have never experienced an encounter myself. If I ever do, it will probably end up in a book. :p