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Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome Author Terry Spear

You Gotta Write to Tell the Story by Terry Spear

“Thinking about writing, talking about writing, or worrying about writing is not writing.” ~Author Unknown

I loved this! So many, when they learn I’m a published author, say they have a story to write too. We probably all do. But for me, I have millions of stories just intruding on my gray matter, pressing for me to write their stories first. Me, me, me. That’s all I hear.

So who gets my attention? Stories on deadline, of course. But when I’ve got free time? The characters that are doing their own thing in scenes in my head. If I write down the scene, and then another comes to me, and another, and another, they have won.

And that’s a good thing. Because their story is no longer vying for attention, wanting to be heard, wanting to be read. It’s written, and I can let go of them and their story and move onto the next.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Sometimes it is. Of course I spend hours and days and weeks and months editing so that the scenes come to life, so that the characters are as real as they can be, but when I can write a story like this, it just all falls into place. And the characters really write the story.

To Tempt the Wolf, book 3, was the closest book to writing itself that I have ever written. Sometimes it just happens.

In some books I struggle with how I’m going to end them. I never know the ending of a book before I write it. I never plot out a book. As I’m researching, I learn things that can make subtle changes in the storyline, or all of a sudden I’ll have a revelation, yes, one of those light-bulb moments, where I think of the perfect twist. But I can’t come up with stuff like that at the beginning of the story. It just happens as I’m writing along and come to a fork in the road. Which way do I go?

The characters sometimes decide. Sometimes I decide. Why? Because sometimes they want to take the path of least resistance.Boring. So I make it harder for them. But I have to remind them, if they get annoyed with me over it, that the obstacles they have to go through to end up with that happy ever after will make it all the more worthwhile.

Don’t you agree?

A writer I know says the story is all in her head, but she hasn’t written a word of it down. That’s great! Except no one else can enjoy it.

Sometimes I see entire scenes in my mind, the dialogue, the actions, where the characters are, but I really don’t visualize a scene as in what else is in the scene. It’s all about the characters. So when it’s on paper (or monitor screen), it really isn’t the entire scene. In my head, it’s a sketch, and then when I write it, I have to flesh out the scene. Add to the characterizations, the reactions and actions. The setting details. And then it’s really real. Even if it had seemed really real in my head.
Thinking about writing, or in thinking about where to go with a story, a plot idea, a first meeting, first kiss, is helpful in not writing a bunch of false starts. Although sometimes it helps me to write those false starts down and then use them later in the story. But sometimes I just have to mull over a way to go forward with a story, or how I’m going to end it. So thinking about it can be vital to writing it the way it needs to be.
Talking about writing helps me also. I brainstorm sometimes with others and that can help me think of new ways that I might not have come up with on my own.

Worrying about writing is never helpful. Deadline’s looming? Write. No matter what, just write. You can edit the written word. If it’s not written, you have nothing to show for it at all.
And that’s how I do it. I start out with a premise. (Dreaming of the Wolf, book 8) Boy wolf meets human girl bounty hunter and falls in love. Human girl falls in love right back, but she knows it can’t work because the Mob has killed those she loved. And Jake might be next on the agenda. And Jake knows he can’t keep a human girl for his own. So wolf loses girl. But girl gets into deeper trouble and this is where all those twists and turns come into play, along with sexual tension, wolf protectiveness, loyalty, and wolfish possessiveness…and well, wolf has to get girl back. It’s required for a happily ever after. I require it. My characters require it.
And that’s how it ends.

See how simple that was?

Yeah! (Highland Wolf Wedding) That’s why I’m still thinking about Cearnach’s story, and how he’s run off the road by an American female wolf while he’s on the way to a Highland wedding. You know he’s supposed to be really happy-go-lucky, but his pack leader, clan chief and older brother, Ian MacNeill, has already had words with him about going to the wedding, Cearnach’s late, and then an American has to run him off the road. So he’s not a happy Highlander.
Where does the story go from there? I don’t know. Really! Oh all right, I do, but that’s privileged information, until later.

Hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and are looking for a brand new year! One hunky SEAL is up next, trying to tame one wild wolfish Meara, Hunter’s sister, who is always looking for a mate. (A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, March 2012) And the first of the jaguar stories. Not sure on title yet! It’s coming in September, at least last I heard! :)
Happy New Year!

Author bio: Award-winning author Terry Spear is the author of urban fantasy romances and medieval Highland romances. She received Publishers Weekly's Best Book of the Year in 2008 for Heart of the Wolf. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry is a librarian by day. She lives in Crawford, Texas.


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Happy Holidays, everyone! Got to run to work this morning, and after that, pick up a new monitor. Argh. Mine is going out on me...Definitely can't write without it! Have a super terrific Monday! I'll drop by when I can today!

Thanks, Brynna, for having me! Hope your holidays have been super special!

diva donna said...

I just love the way you create and procreate the best dang books. I'd have trouble dealing with all those voices in my head. I have enough that sneak into my dreams and attack me. I always look for teeth marks in the morning. Especially after wrestling with Jake in DREAMING with the Twists and turns, that I still haven't ironed out all those kinks. Don't change anything. I enjoy the finished products spun from your madness.

Unknown said...

I just found you on Chelsea's Paranormal Addicts Blog, Terry, but I sure have fallen in love with your wolf stories!
I'm so sorry to hear about your monitor - must get it replaced quickly!! Cannot have your creative juices stopped up for any reason, lol!
I gather your holiday has had some challenges from your newsletter, but I'm hoping it can only get better!
May 2012 bring you and your family only happiness, health and prosperity!

Gena Robertson

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

LOL, Donna, I'm thrilled you're loving the series!!! :) Are you sure Jake's the one who left teeth marks? He's usually more careful about that! :)

Thanks, Gena! I got the monitor, was thrilled to find one on sale after work yesterday! I had to leave the other one on constantly, because if I turned it off, I couldn't get it back on in forever. :( It definitely puts a crimp in writing, or letting everyone know where I am for blog tours while I'm at work! Hope you have a great New Year also!!! :)